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RimadylRimadyl is the best Arthritis Medication for Dogs! Buy Rimadyl it at a Discount Price!

We used rimadyl on our dog and it works great. As soon as my Vet told me that lucy had bad case of Arthritis, they recommended me Rimadyl, but the price at the Vet’s office was too much for me. So I search online and found Entirely Pets to have the lowest price on Rimadyl! I dugg up some information and thought it might be useful for everyone.

Brand Name
Rimadyl (Pfizer Animal Health)
Generic Name
Carprofen (car-pro’-fen)
What is the most important information I should know about Rimadyl: Rimadyl is a prescription medication that is FDA approved for use in dogs. Rimadyl is available as 25mg, 75mg and 100mg Chewable, scored tablets. Rimadyl is also available as 25mg, 75mg and 100mg capsule shaped scored non-chewable tablets (Caplets). The usual dose in dogs is 1mg per pound twice a day. Contact the veterinarian if the pet has bloody, black or tarry stools as these symptoms could indicate damage to the stomach or intestines, which could be dangerous. Before giving your pet any prescription or over the counter medications check with your veterinarian or pharmacist.

What is Rimadyl: Rimadyl is a nonsteroidal ant-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Rimadyl works by reducing hormones that cause pain and inflammation in the body. Rimadyl is used to reduce pain as associated with surgery or dental procedures. Rimadyl is also used for the treatment of inflammation and stiffness as a result of conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. Rimadyl may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this guide.

What should I discuss with my veterinarian before giving Rimadyl to my pet: Tell your veterinarian if your pet has an allergy to aspirin or any other NSAID; an ulcer or bleeding in the stomach; has liver, or kidney disease; congestive heart failure; fluid retention; bleeding disorders; heart disease or high blood pressure. Tell your veterinarian if your pet is pregnant or lactating.

How should this medication be given: Give this medication exactly as directed by your veterinarian. If you do not understand the directions ask the pharmacist or veterinarian to explain them to you. Rimadyl should be given with food. Keep plenty of water available for your pet. Store Rimadyl at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Keep this medication away from children and pets. Do not give Rimadyl to cats.

What happens if I miss giving a dose: Give the missed dose as soon as you remember. However, if is almost time for the next regularly scheduled dose, skip the missed dose and take the next one as directed. Do not give a double dose of the medication.

What happens if I overdose the pet: Seek emergency veterinary medical treatment. Symptoms of Rimadyl overdose include nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, drowsiness, headache, blurred vision, seizures, panting, little or no urine production, and slow breathing.

What should I avoid while giving Rimadyl to my pet: Many over the counter cough, cold, allergy and pain medicines contain aspirin or other NSAID¿s similar to Rimadyl. Before taking any prescription or over the counter medications talk to the veterinarian or pharmacist.

What are the possible side effects of Rimadyl: Contact the veterinarian if the pet has bloody, black or tarry stools or blood in vomit as these symptoms could indicate serious side effects. If any of the following serious side effects occur, stop giving Rimadyl and seek emergency veterinary medical attention; an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; swelling of the lips; tongue or face; hives); muscle cramps, open sores in the mouth, rapid weight gain due to fluid retention; seizures, abdominal cramping. Other less serious side effects may occur. Continue giving Rimadyl and talk to your veterinarian if your pet experiences headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation, depression, fatigue or weakness, dry mouth. Other side effects may also occur. Talk to your veterinarian about any side effect that seems unusual or bothersome to the animal.

What other drugs will affect Rimadyl: Tell your veterinarian if your pet is being given aspirin; another NSAID such as etodolac, carprofen or piroxicam; an over the counter cough, cold, allergy or pain pet medications; warfarin; furosemide; a steroid such as prednisone, insulin; or probenecid. Drugs other than those listed may also interact with Rimadyl. Talk to your veterinarian before giving your pet any prescription or over the counter pet medicines.

Where can I get more information: Your pharmacist has additional information about Rimadyl written for health professionals that you may read.

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<>Liver BiscottiGive your pet a treat that they are sure to “woof” down. Liver Biscotti is the posh way of giving your pet a treat that are sure to love. Liver Biscotti are perfect for any dog because they’re small so you can be sure to give your pet a treat with out over indulging them. My dog, Bunny, loves these treats. I give them to her when I want to reward her for being a good girl or when I want to give her an extra special treat. Liver Biscotti is sure to give your pup a worldly expierience.

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Flossies™ Spiral ChewsKeep your pets’ teeth feeling and looking clean with Flossies Spiral Chews by Merrick All Natural Treats. These dog treats are not only nutritious but delicious. The special spiral shape helps to remove plaque from your pets’ teeth. Flossies come in a variety of sizes so you’re sure to find the right size for your pet. The palatable beef flavor will make any dog a happy dog! I know my dog, Bunny, loves these treats! She just can’t get enough of them!

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When I want to treat my dog, Bunny, with an extra special treat I buy her Buddy Biscuits by Cloud Star.Buddy Biscuits by Cloud Star These dog treats are great because they contain no salt, sugar, corn, preservatives, artificial flavors or byproducts. This means that I can treat while making sure she stays in shape. Buddy Biscuits come in flavors Bunny gobbles up, including Veggie Madness, Peanut Butter Madness, Molasses Madness, Bacon and Cheese, and Butter Madness. One sniff of these treats and Bunny can’t wait to dig her paws in! The best part is that I was able to get these treats from for a lot cheaper compared to other stores.

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Chuckit! Ball LauncherWhen I take my dog, Bunny, to the park I hate leaving home with my hands covered in slime. I looked everywhere for a toy that wouldn’t make me bend down to pick up a ball. Then I discovered the Chuckit! Chuckit Ball Launchers are a great gift for yourself or any dog owner that hates bending down to pick up a slimy ball. This dog toy is great because you can give your pet the exercise they need without wearing out your arm! The best part is the fact that this dog toy is durable. It’s made of lightweight plastic that you can carry anywhere for hours of fun. And because it can throw a ball up to 140 feet it’s perfect for dogs that love to run around. Bunny gives this toy 2 paws up!

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Pet 'n Shape All Natural TreatsWith the holidays practically over I want to make sure that my dog, Bunny, starts on her resolutions early. For the New Year I plan on making sure that Bunny is fit and healthy. One way I plan on doing this is by ordering her treats that not only taste good but are good for her. A friend told me about these great dig treats called Pet ‘n Shape. They’re all natural and contain no additives or coloring, no preservatives; they’re low in calorie, low in cholesterol and high in protein. Sound too good to be true? That’s what I thought until I bought some and Bunny gobbled them up. She loved these treats and wanted more. I loved that they were healthy and that I found them at a great price at   Pet ‘n Shape Treats come in a variety of flavors like Chik ‘n Skewers, Chik ‘n Sweet Potato, Chick ‘n Rings and Chick ‘n Dumbbells. These treats are perfect for any dog. Bunny gives them 2 paws up!

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Like many people out there I plan on making New Year’s resolutions. But for 2008 I’m not only making resolutions for myself but I’m making some for my dog, Bunny. For 2008 I plan on making sure Bunny is in shape, she’s behaving well, she looks great and that she has the best and coolest toys. It seems like a daunting task but with some planning and effort I know we can make it happen. I plan on stocking up on items like the FURminator Deshedding Brush, a quality pair of clippers from Millers Forge and shampoos from Malaseb. With these great items in hand I can be sure Bunny looks her best at all times. But hey, it’s even more important that she’s healthy! That’s why I’ll be stocking on quality flea and tick control, supplements, and healthy dog treats. And when all is said and done it’s important that I treat my best friend with some of her favorite dog toys. So here’s to the New Year, may your pet be happy and healthy in the new year!

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Hottest Pet Toys 

This holiday season what better gift to give your pet than the hottest pet toys of 2007! At you can find the hottest dog and cat toys of 2007 in one spot. Choose from dog toys like Squeeze Meeze Lady Bug, Bettie Fetch Toy Run in Run Ruby (Red), and the Rita Fetch and Treat Ball. These toys will make any dog ready for play. I know that my dog, Bunny, LOVES these toys. She can’t get enough of them and is always ready for play when she sees her favorite toy. I told my neighbor about the site and she couldn’t believe the great deals they have on cat toys like Panic Mouse, Ba Da Beam Rotating Laser cat toy and other great catnip filled toys like Krazy Kitty Catnip. Healthypets has all the toys that will keep your dog or cat a happy pet. As the year winds down I know one thing for sure, I’ll be shopping at

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TickSymptoms of tick-borne diseases include: fever, muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and rashes. If untreated, these health problems can become severe and long-term treatment may become necessary.

Tick prevention in pets is very important in areas where there is exposure. Frontline Flea Control for cats and dogs is a once a month topical treatment which is highly effective. Personally I use and am happy with Frontline Top Spot for cats and K9 Advantix. They have never let me down.

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Posted on December 3, 2007 in Pet Toys and Treats by simv2855 Comments » Holiday Store‘Tis the season to merry, to be with loved ones, to shop ‘till you drop and for presents! Don’t leave your pet out in the cold on Christmas morning. Spoil them with plenty of great gifts and treats from! There are so many great holiday items to choose from you won’t know where to begin. has treats that all pets will love including: Ranch Rewards Holiday Candy Canes, Holiday Porkhide Candies and more! But don’t get so caught up looking for treats that you forget to get your pet their favorite new toy. A personal favorite is the Holiday Loofas, these toys are great! They’re perfect as a stocking stuffer or as a gift, either way your pet will LOVE this toy. Another cool toy this holiday season is the Singing “Bow Wow” Dog Bone. This dog toy will have your pup singing the blues! And who could forget about the cats? Not me and certainly not Healthypets. Choose from everybody’s favorite cat toys- Panic Mouse! has the latest and greatest Panic Mouse toys in one spot. Make sure your dog or cat’s holiday is complete by bringing home Holiday Crunch Cards and Holiday Stockings. Keeping pet’s happy and healthy for the holiday’s it!

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